Muthill Village Trust

Muthill Village Trust is a membership organisation. We aim to deliver meaningful local projects.

Since we were set up in 2013 we have focused on the following:

  • Delivery of the Muthill to Crieff Cyclepath. Phase 1 completed in 2016.
  • Ongoing fundraising for the cycle path including the annual Muthill Sportive cycle event.
  • Setting up of an oil club to help local residents save money on fuel
  • Working with other local organisations to make Muthill a safer place to walk and cycle with the Walk-Cycle-Muthill campaign
  • Working with other local organisations to enhance the cycle path route such as Muthill Primary School and the Muthill 42nd Scouts
  • Helping to deliver projects within the Muthill Community Action Plan 2011-16 and to support the organising of a new 5 year CAP during 2017
  • Supporting the Museum Trustees and community with the sale of the building and organising of artefacts. MVT holds the money from the sale of the building which is held in a separate account for future community consultation and decision on how it should be spent for the benefit of the community.


MVT welcomes people to get involved, whether as a Board member or in a sub-group or as a helper in one-off projects and events to make Muthill a better place for all to live. You can email us for more information We also have regular updates on our Facebook pages:



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